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True 7” (190mm)

N52-grade neodymium magnetic rod!



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wp57ea97e1.png Magnetite-sludge...

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...can be death to a heating system. Read more:


You don’t have to be a heating engineer to be aware of just how many ‘magnetic’ heating filters are available now. It seems to be that with every month that passes, another appears! However, very many of them are let down by the fact that they just aren’t up to the job of keeping a central heating system clean. Many of them have tiny magnets! Manufacturers also tend to make these devices from plastic...We don’t! We think that ANY device dealing with very hot water, under pressure, should be made from metal.


The principle of magnetic filters is very simple. Radiators that are part of a typical central heating system are steel. Add water, some air, and you have the perfect conditions for rust...


This ‘rust’ becomes black in colour (magnetite), and is VERY damaging to a heating system. It clogs radiator valves, pumps, pipework, and especially the boiler’s heat exchanger. It clings to pipe corners and fittings and, left unchecked, can eventually bring a heating system to fail. Powerflushing can only do half the job at the best of times, so it’s imperative to prevent it happening, rather than try and clean a system of magnetite.




























As rust is magnetic, all that needs to be done is to install a strong magnet in the waterline. The magnet will filter out the particles and collect them. But when we looked at manufacturing such a device, we were astounded at the quality of some of those available. Often cheap plastic, with cheap valves. And then there’s the issue of whether they can actually do the job. We have seen ‘magnetic filters’ with extremely small magnets, and some of them not even neodymium magnets! We think that if the ad says ‘compact’...then that tells you everything!


So we set out to manufacture a magnetic filter that was man enough, and strong enough. It had to be metal construction, but it also had to have a BIG magnet capable of performing. The BoilerGuard eco was the result...


The BoilerGuard uses a N52-grade, rare-earth, neodymium magnetic rod

...similar products do not!


The BoilerGuard truly is all-metal construction

...similar products can be cheap plastic!


The BoilerGuard is guaranteed for 25 years

...similar products might come with a 2-year guarantee!


BoilerGuard FAQs

Can the BoilerGuard be fitted on larger systems than typical?

Yes, although it is standard in 22mm, two units fitted in parallel will provide protection for 35mm systems. We also offer a bespoke-manufacturing service to install a BoilerGuard on large-bore systems - units can be made to your specification. Email us, and we’ll have a chat about your requirements.

Are isolating valves included in the box?

Yes, full bore, 22mm, high-quality valves.

Should I fit the BoilerGuard horizontal or vertical?

We always suggest vertical. However, it CAN be fitted horizontal (tails up) if required.

Is the BoilerGuard really ‘all-metal’?

Yes, totally. It will withstand extraordinary system temperatures and pressures...where others might fail.

Is it tamper-proof?

Yes, unlike similar products to ours, the BoilerGuard’s magnetic-rod cap can only be removed using two spanners. There is nothing for some inquisitive child to press and cause a system leak!

How is it sealed?

The BoilerGuard uses a simple, everyday, 28mm compression cap. So NO special seals are required - nothing to leak!

Is the magnetic rod really N52 neodymium?

Yes, unlike many others we have seen, we manufacture a ‘magnetube’ (a 22mm, highly magnetised copper tube) of N52-class neodymium magnets - the highest grade neodymium on Earth - for maximum strength!

Can it be fitted straight from the box?

Yes, you have to install the valves (either on the tails or on the pipework), but the BoilerGuard comes ready assembled.

What are the dimensions?

It is 210mm in length by 67mm in width.

Where should I install it?

Always on the return pipe if possible.

What’s this about an amazing guarantee?

We guarantee the structural integrity of our products for 25 years - meaning that no brazed joint or seal will leak. Everything will stay together as it was the day it was made. This is what sets our products apart from others. We are so sure of the quality of our products, that we are able to do this. Similar manufacturers are evidently unsure of the integrity of their product(s), so give, what we would call, an inadequate guarantee.

Is the BoilerGuard a British product?

Yes, we're proud to say it is. It is a quality product hand-made in England, not China - like so many similar units. We even manufacture the core magnetic rods, by hand.

Why don’t you sell the BoilerGuard in plumbing merchants?

Because by the time they have added their mark-up charge, it would make it too expensive. You get it the cheapest possible by buying direct from us.

Does the BoilerGuard filter non-magnetic particles?

No, there is no need in the vast majority of cases. If you require a non-magnetic filter in addition to the BoilerGuard then install a Y strainer, sized for your needs.

How do I clean it?

Turn the valves off, place a small bowl under the bottle and remove the 28mm cap. The magnetube will slide out - wiping most of the magnetite-sludge from the magnetube in the process. Wipe the remainder with a cloth. Now remove the bottle and wash out thoroughly.

How do I order one?

Simply click HERE to send us an email. Please include your contact details and we’ll get straight back to you.




For independent advice and help on plumbing & heating, click this link - www.thehotplumber.com






So many engineering products are made in China now...but not ours! Manufacturers do this because labour costs are very low there, but then so is quality. We’ve seen products with ‘British’ advertised on them, only to discover that the product was designed in Britain, by a British company, but then made in China from Chinese components! We are a British business. But we go much further than that - we actually make our products here; we are supporting British manufacturing and British jobs. We will go on doing that because we are sincere about quality - we insist on it ourselves. Quality ensures reliability. We could easily make our products from plastic - it would make them much cheaper. But quality would suffer, and so would reliability. We hope that you’re looking for the best product, not the cheapest.


Postage: Due to issues with UPS and Parcel2Go (useless!) we will be using Parcel Force from January 10th.


Express 48 Guaranteed 2 working days



Express 24 Guaranteed 1 working day



ExpressAM Guaranteed by 12 noon next working day



Express10 Guaranteed by 10 a.m. Next working day



Express9 Guaranteed by 9 a.m. Next working day



Prices shown are for single BoilerGuards. For larger orders, we would quote you.


The guarantee applies for a period of 25 years, and covers the entire device itself. If any part should fail within 25 years, you can return the product for your money back.

Excluded: Push-fit cap and valves


Please be aware that items are usually sent by Royal Mail’s Express 48 - meaning a 2-working day delivery from day of posting. We cannot be responsible for Royal Mail’s working practices once the item/s have left our hands. All packages have a tracking code, and we can track the item if you require us to do so. You can request ‘next day guaranteed’ service for an additional £2 posting charge. Again, we trust that Royal Mail will honour this, but we regret that it would be out of our control if they do not.

Cancelling & Returns

Cancelling your order before we send it to you:

Simply contact us by letter or email to cancel - any money already taken will be returned to your bank account by bank transfer within seven days. Our cancelling policy is ‘no quibble’.

Cancelling your order after we have sent it to you:

If you have already been sent the product then we would aim to reimburse you within seven days of us receiving the product back from you. You have the right to return it up to 14 days after you receive delivery. You should send the product back via a reliable courier, and in its original packaging. If you cancel after the product has been sent to you, then you are liable for the postage costs in returning the product to us. You should retain proof of posting, but please be aware that it is incumbent upon you to ensure that we receive it, so we would advise you to require a signature of delivery. Your cancelling email/letter must include the following (copy & paste):

To TeBe.

I hereby give notice that I wish to cancel my order for the following goods.......................

Ordered on......................

Received on......................



Signature (if letter sent).............................



We want to ensure that you are happy with our service, and that we have been fair and professional. And we ask that you too are fair in ordering products from us. Sometimes, packages go astray within the post. We have to claim against the courier in such circumstances (rare, though they are), and we would not be able to post you a replacement until we get confirmation from the courier that the item has indeed been lost. We ask you to be patient, and to work with us to resolve the problem. We would talk to you by phone to reassure you, and keep you up to date with any information we have. We would even give you the details of the courier to prove that the item had indeed been mislaid or lost.




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Magnetic filter for the permanent filtering of magnetite-sludge from a heating system...



All-metal construction

7” (190mm) magnetic rod

Highest-grade N52-class rare-earth neodymium magnets

25 year guarantee!


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in Great Britain









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BoilerGuard eco

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