The BoilerGuard is so tough, we guarantee it for 25 years

You may see plastic magnetic filters guaranteed for 2 years




































Then we went and added a pump-valve washer on the cap...

so should you ever need to replace it, you’ll probably have

one in your tool box! Clever, eh?



Finally, we gave it that 25 year guarantee...

Says it all, doesn’t it?

So let’s take a look at its rivals...













And we almost forgot to say...


It’s made great, in Britain



And some more tough stuff you should know...


It has a bigger brother!...


Check out the equally-tough, and bigger MagnaMate...

For when you’re really serious about magnetite-sludge.

It has the largest magnetic rod of any domestic filter - 10”


BoilerGuard 22mm - £139.00Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

Please note that the BoilerGuard is supplied without valves - because we just couldn’t find valves tough enough.

However, we can supply 2 x 22mm (full bore) butterfly valves for £10Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

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The BoilerGuard

is Rhino-tough

Don’t throw it into your van...

you’ll damage your van



Ok, so you probably get the picture by now, the BoilerGuard is one tough mother. It’s because we make it from stainless steel. It’s TIG welded, not formed.


Inside is a 5” bi-directional, N42-grade, rare-earth, neodymium, magnetic rod...because we didn’t want to do this by half.








 Magnetic Filter   £139 - FREE next working-day delivery